One of the biggest challenges for any home is deciding whether or not we should have pictures on the walls, and if we have decided to, it’s then deciding what kind of pictures Do we want photographs? Art? Or even Illustration? When you’ve finally decided what sort of piece you want on your wall, it then time to decide whether you want that piece printed or framed. With Canvas Prints you’re getting a product extremely suitable to a variety of prints. In truth, Canvas pretty much suits everything printed on them, but don't just take my word for it. 

Below are 5 great examples proving just that.


1. Make a Doodle a Focal Point



We’re all guilty of doodling every now and then, but for those of you who are better at it than most, why not show it off by getting it printed on Canvas? From a doodle on a napkin during your lunch break, to a quirky piece of art in your home, what could be more of a conversation starter? If they’re really impressed with your doodle, they may ask for you to do one for them too and who knows what that may lead too. 


2. Buy a Drawing Online and Get it Printed


A clever and decisive way of making sure no one else has they same print as yours is to buy one of drawings from an artist/illustrator online and then get them printed on canvas. You can find these pieces on sites such as Etsy and Instagram. When searching for art pieces, always imagine their potential on say, a 32x32 canvas in a particular room and on a particular wall. 


3. Make Your Family Stand Out



A real firm favourite with canvas prints are family portraits. Imagine your family portrait being transferred on to the biggest Canvas available and then make it the first thing people see as soon as they enter the house.  Or alternatively, get a mixture of family related canvas in a variety of sizes. Everyday you’ll be able to remember the jokes and giggles of taking that portrait, everyday you will have the memory of seeing your children and spouse smile down at you. 


4. Create a Memory Wall



You’ve heard of having a photo journal to keep hold of your visual treasured memories, but how about the next step in creating a photo wall? Be that little different and show your creativity, as in the image above, you can create polaroid style canvas prints. This quirky and very old modern style has never been more popular among the more willingly different.


5. Be inspired by the World


Bored and a little uninspired by the 9 to 5? Then why not get a Canvas print of the map of the world? While you’re sipping on your morning brew preparing to go into work, have a look up on your wall and imagine the places you could explore. The world is open for business, some people need a little inspiration and motivation to do some travelling, let this canvas of the world be yours.